MGA Rules

Please maintain your MGA/NCGA index for future tournament…

MGA INDEX is kept as follow:

1. All golfers must place $30 in the pot to buys drink and plays in weekly basis and score are kept with net scores(see RANKING/MGA Handicap). $10 goes to skins….HCP 15 or more gets 1/2 on HCP hole ranking#1 thru ranking#8, and 11-14 HCP gets ranking#1 thru ranking#5 (p.s….Not for the LONG hitters..)
2. If 20 or more golfers, it will be distribute as follow…(1st..50%..2nd..30%..3rd..15%) this is $20/per collected after purchase drinks.
3. If less than 20 golfers… the rest goes to the 1st place, ofcourse after purchase drinks.
4. Only best 10 best “NET” scores are kept to maintain MGA HCP.
5. We reserve the right to refuse any sand baggers in the field of competition.

Only In MGA where all MGA/NCGA index can compete in all levels. It’s not how good of golfer you are, it’s how good of golfer are you at the day of our tournament…..

All MGA/NCGA Index will be CAP -3(unless 0 HCP)…. Non MGA/NCGA Index will be CAP -1

All golfers will be given HCP..must use MGA or NCGA index…,if golfers don’t have either or, MGA will determine your HCP

Please see RANKINGS/MGA Handicap

Create your login and please feel free to let us know how we are doing and you are welcome to comments and give us feed back…Have you been practicing lately?

Please e-mail if you have any questions……

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