MGA Points

What is MGA points?

The race will start on January 01, 2011..

The winner of a weekly Tournament will be given as follow:

1st pl 70 points

2nd pl 60 points

3rd pl 50 points

4th pl 40 points

5th pl 30 points

All other participants will receive 10 points


All points will be increment throughout every 6 months and winner will be awarded at the time. We will award top 5 to top 7 every 6 months and if any winner not accepting our gift, the award will be pass on to the following qualifier(s).

Award given on:
Dec 31 2011

How to qualify

Whomever join us on a weekly round of golf will require to play a $10 pot. $1 will be taken out of the part and reserve for the top winner prize which will be given at the end of our 6 months. $9 left will be utilize to pay for drink and remaining to be spread out to our weekly winner(s). All $ that will be in the pot include weekly winners will be post on our website.

Can I join anytime?

Yes, if you are ready and think you have a chance to win the award, you can join anytime. There’s no membership fee REQUIRED!!!

If you are a golfer, your wife or your love one will have one question….”Why not golfing with”

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