MGA Handicap

MGA Handicap: handicap system is similar to callaway systems….ex…

All Man made are free drop…including OB fence…stick or whatever that effect your swing….animal holes are also free drop only on fairways, not on the rough…

1. single digit HCP is max +1
2. 10-17 HCP is +2 max on HCP hole range from 1-9 and the rest +1 max
3. 18-above is +3 max on HCP hole of 1-7…+2 max on HC hole 8-14 and the rest +1 max

It’s not what you shot that will be enter to our HCP systems…. it’s what your “net scores” after minus rule 1-3 above..

One bad round of golf will change probably one digit of your HCP, however, if your next round is better or close to your average will erase your highest score and being remove from our average systems. As you can see that if you golf between 5-10 game, we will definitely clean up all sands in your bags…..and that’s our intention. All golfers are equal once in the field and compete……due to our HCP systems….no matter what level of golfers you are, you still have chance. Well…..what are you doing? Why not competing with us????

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  1. katoon says:

    Animal Holes are free drop?.. damm man… my ball always stay on the fairway but it disappear. Next time i will blame it on the animal…. :)

  2. mga_org says:

    Um….I think you really can’t blame on animals because u loose your balls all over….What country are you dropping your balls now?

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