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  1. doctorslice says:

    Flight X..?. Hit the ball and than pick up the ball and throw to the pin or hole…..!!!?. Is this a preschool Tournment or a rice field Tournment Style !!??.. Just let them hit the ball with their club, knife, an ax or a beer bottle, but don’t touch that beautiful white ball unless the rule allow.

    Only sugestion, Bro, Be reseasonable, we’re an adult here,,,,, kid!.

  2. mga_admin says:

    Only Flight X in MGAFamily golf tournament that allows these brand new golfers to hit their golf ball once with their chosen club and then get to throw once to count as a stroke, and then once on the green, everything else count as a stroke….. These guys will be in the golf channel cliff for sure……. and the purpose of is to give anyone a chance to beat the crap of each other….. it not a matter of how they did it……. it’s a matter of how bad they want it haha!!!!!!!!

  3. doctorslice says:

    Mr. Turbo, I don’t care who are, Would you please post our total and average score weekly to our website member only, so no body will urgue and make noise like dog fight again before and after golf game. That way we know it is fair to everybody. “Everyday I hear player complaints about handy-cap.

    To golfers, Please don’t yeld while you are drinking beer after game. We are about 3 t 4 feet from you, why you have to let others including the clubhouse think that we are fighting like dogs and cats and bad name for Lao golfers or MGA club?.

  4. katoon says:

    doctor slice… did you miss a putt while someone was making noise? that’s what makes up LAOS… screaming like dogs and cats while playing anything

  5. mga_org says:

    You mean… the meaning of Loud ha!! That’s how spell it Dr. Slice!! What you have seen is no comparison as of yet…… The real Lao Golfers will eventually more than you expect…….Just focus on your putts…….because you can’t control you driver any more….. You do live up to your name…..Dr. Slicesssssssssssssssss!!!!

  6. sakravee says:

    Just wanted to say I’m so jealous of you guys, having fun golfing with friends like family. Happy new year to all, Sak- Austin, Texas.

  7. TOM XIONG says:

    Hey Turbo, you drank too too too much…how can Gio’s handicap go up to 14? What is my handicap for next time?

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